Ruth Parker
Lee Meriwether
Lee Meriwether as Ruth Parker
All My Children
Portrayed by: Mary Fickett (1970-1996 & 2000)
Lee Meriwether (1996-1999, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011)
Duration: 1970-1999, 2000, 2002-2010 & 2011
First appearance: January 5, 1970
Last appearance: September 23, 2011
Cause/reason: Left town with Joe Martin
Created by: Agnes Nixon
Family: Parker family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents: Unknown man (father, deceased)
Unknown woman (mother, deceased)
Siblings: Amy Parker (sister)
Marital status: Joe Martin (married; ??/1972-)
Past marriage(s): Ted Brent (dissolved; 19??-1970)
Children: Phil Brent (adopted son, with Ted)
Tad Martin (adopted son, with Joe)
Jake Martin (son, with Joe)
Jeff Martin (step-son)
Tara Martin (step-daughter)
Bobby Martin (step-son, deceased)
Grandchildren: Charlie Brent (adopted grandson, via Phil)
Jamie Martin (adopted grandson, via Tad)
Damon Miller (adopted grandson, via Tad)
Bess Martin (adopted granddaughter, via Tad, deceased)
Kathy Martin (adopted granddaughter, via Tad)
Jenny Martin (adopted granddaughter, via Tad)
Trevor Martin (grandson, via Jake)
Great-grandchildren: Nick Brent (adopted great-grandson, via Charlie)
Philip Brent (adopted great-grandson, via Charlie)
Nieces & nephews: Phil Brent (nephew, deceased)
Charlie Brent (great-nephew)
Nick Brent (great-great-nephew)
Philip Brent (great-great-nephew)
Romances: David Thornton (dated/engaged; 1972, deceased)
Ray Gardner (raped; 1979, deceased)
Ruth Parker Martin (formerly Brent) is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children.

Actress History:Edit

  • Mary Fickett (1970-1996 & 2000)
  • Lee Meriwether (1996-1999, 12/2002, 03/2003, 05/2003-06/2003, 11/2003, 07/2007-12/2007, 04/2008-06/2008, 11/2008, 05/2009, 12/2009, 01/2010, 06/2010, 03/2011 & 09/2011)

Character History:Edit